Kathleen’s life took a sharp turn toward music in high school, when she took a music writing course. She admired songs that make a difference in someone’s life, and set out to write meaningful music. Noticing that anti-bullying programs spoke to bullies and bystanders, but not victims, she wrote “Don’t Let Them In.” After uploading it,, she began to receive messages from bullying victims around the world that the song empowered them to deal with the trauma of bullying.

“Don’t Let Them In” won Seventeen Magazine’s 2013 Mean Stinks Contest, and awards from Abercrombie & Fitch/Hollister (2015), Lincoln Center Global Exchange (2015) and ElfenWorks Campus MovieFest (2016). The song was featured in Hollister’s Anti-bullying campaign video alongside EchoSmith

Kathleen was also named a National YoungArts Foundation winner in 2015 with songs from her debut EP “Helium.” She joins National YoungArts alumni recording artists Josh Groban, Judith Hill, Chris Young, and Nicki Minaj.

Kathleen’s love of music pushed her to obtain a degree in music composition. She just self-produced her first full length album, Brainwaves. The album was released May 15th of this year. Elle could “not be prouder to share Brainwaves with all of you! I am excited to show how I’ve grown as an artist, and share the stories I’ve wanted to share for a few years.”


She's really grown tremendously as an artist. She's enthusiastic, talented, and kind, and she ‘gets it’ about how hard you have to work to make it. My primary music business background is in royalties and business management, but if I was in A&R I would have signed her last year. ”

Chris Opperman (Award-winning composer and pianist who performed on two Grammy-nominated songs with Steve Vai and the Metropole Orkest)


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