Kathleen is a NJ singer-songwriter, composer, and producer whose grooving melodies and smooth vocals have captured audiences worldwide earning awards from National YoungArts, Lincoln Center, Abercrombie & Fitch, Seventeen Magazine, Campus MovieFest, & Elfenworks. Her music spans a wide range of genres from acoustic to soul and pop and will be sure to get stuck in your head!

Very aware of the power music has, Kathleen has made it her mission to uplift and empower others with the stories she shares, drawing from personal and observed moments of struggle. She has also been told on social media platforms that her anti-bullying song, "Don't Let Them In," has saved the lives of victims considering suicide. "Helium," the title track of her debut EP speaks to using obstacles and rejections as fuel to work harder and continue to follow your dreams. Her recent 2020 release, “Superheroes in Disguise,” pays tribute to the frontline workers of this pandemic and has been featured on CBS Radio 880

When lockdown began, Kathleen started giving free concerts every night on her Facebook and Instagram live. She ended up playing 100 nights in a row! This past fall Elle made the switch to Twitch and has been building a dedicated global following giving live performances 3 times a week: “It’s just amazing how Twitch immediately exposed my music to people all over the world! We’re all in the same situation of isolation with this pandemic, and music is a universal therapy. I have fans now who regularly tune in from Canada, France, Ireland, Australia, Brazil and of course the U.S. We chat, lift each other’s spirits, and I've received multiple messages of the power my music has in helping them through these difficult times. I’m just so thankful my music is the bond bringing us together.” 

Kathleen's newest single "Nervous," evokes what everyone goes through when deciding whether to dive into a new relationship, especially those who have been burned in the past. Her dive into a new sound is getting rave reviews from fans and music bloggers alike! "Nervous" released on April 22nd at 10pm EST on all platforms. 



Kathleen Elle

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My first full album! This 10-track album is a collection of stories about relationships and the joy, sadness, anger, regret, envy and laughter they bring. All songs are self-written and produced!

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She's really grown tremendously as an artist. She's enthusiastic, talented, and kind, and she ‘gets it’ about how hard you have to work to make it. My primary music business background is in royalties and business management, but if I was in A&R I would have signed her last year. ”

Chris Opperman (Award-winning composer and pianist who performed on two Grammy-nominated songs with Steve Vai and the Metropole Orkest)


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