My Debut EP Helium is out & I attended Lincoln Center's Global Exchange on the arts!

I'm so proud of my debut EP Helium! Each song is meant to connect with you in some way. The title song "Helium" is about dealing with rejection and was written to inspire and empower you when others try to hold you down. This song was chosen as the music for a cyber-bullying video created by and will be shown in California schools this year, with a goal of going nationwide with it. My award winning anti-bullying song "Don't Let Them In" is also on the EP, and my other songs are fun songs about relationships, which I hope you can relate to. Click to download Helium, or Buy the physical CD. "Don't Let Them In" is available for free because no victim suffering from bullying should have to pay for the help it provides.
In other news, I appeared in Hollister's "All Equal" anti-bullying video along side some amazing anti-bullying advocates, including the platinum music artists Echosmith. My song "Don't Let Them In" is featured as Echosmith speaks. How cool is that?! 
I also won Lincoln Center's "Art Propels the World" contest! I had to provide a link to my art that showed how it propels the world. I entered my Youtube video of "Don't Let Them In" with the victims' comments on how it has saved lives. My prize was attending Lincoln Center's invite only Global Exchange, which brought together global leaders from art, government, education, media and science to promote art as essential to society, rather than a sidebar or frill. It was such a thrilling event! Click here for a description. I listened to Michael J. Fox describe how music can minimize the shaking in patients with Parkinson's disease, famed composer and Pandora's Chief Musical Architect, Nolan Gasser, discuss how music can alleviate the symptoms of cancer patients, and so many more fascinating presentations. I even got to offer my opinion in round table discussions with world leaders on how to improve society's perception of art as a crucial part of our life instead of an option! I got a conductor's baton in a wooden stand engraved with "2015 Lincoln Center Global Exchange Founding Member"! It was an experience I will never forget!
There are a few other happenings I can't divulge yet, so definitely stay tuned. I strive every day to make a positive difference with music! Go download and share Helium!

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    I am glad to read the inffdsormation you shared Hall of Fame

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