1. All To You

From the recording All to You - Single

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All To You

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I wrote this to thank my mom for all she has done for me. Everything I am and have achieved is because of her support. She's been my medical doctor, cheerleader, therapist, roadie, limo driver, #1 fan, promoter, and best friend. Because of her, I'm able to pursue my dream of making a difference with music!

Music & Lyrics by Kathleen Elle
Mixing & Mastering by Mitchell Stewart


Verse 1:
Had my back from day one
Love me more than anyone else under the sun
And I know, and I know I haven’t made it easy
You’re my rock, you’re my shoulder to cry on
You’re the one who’s helped me to become
The very best that I can be

And I’ve gotta give it all to you
After all I put you through
I know I can drive you crazy
But I’m always gonna be your baby
And I don’t know where I’d be
Without you watching over me
So thank you for all you do
I gotta give it all to you

Verse 2:
Been there when the going got rough
To pick me up and to dust me off
And let me know everything will be alright
You’re the reason I’m able to follow my dream
You’re my number one fan, you’re my A team
And somehow you’re always right

Through the good and the bad
The happy and sad
You’ve been right here by my side
And that’s why