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The Girl Next Door

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Verse 1:
Best Friends since we've been 3, fighting dragons you and me, the king and queen of our backyards.
Playing stickball in the street, swinging on that big oak tree beneath the night time stars.
Went our separate ways in school, I was artsy, you were cool, but you still checked in on me.
Then you dating other girls, started breaking down my world, started feeling jealousy.

I've tried to keep it quiet but in my heart I know
The girl that you need is right under your nose.

Chorus 1 & 2:
Hey! Have you ever thought that we could be K-I-S-S-I-N-G
Under the big oak tree in my backyard
Hey! Have you ever looked into my eyes, saw sparks fly
And realized we might have so much more?
I could be just the girl you're looking for, the girl next door.

Verse 2:
Every time that I've tried, tried to say what's on my mind, I get lost in your eyes
And when I'm around you, oh I try to play it cool, but still I get hypnotized.

Pre-Chorus 2:
And I've tried to keep it quiet but in my heart I know
The girl that you need has been here all along.

Now I know what you're thinking, Do we really wanna risk all we have?
But I say it's worth it so common let's go for it and take a chance
Like hey..... hey!

Chorus 3:
Hey who'd've ever thought that we'd be K-I-S-S-I-N-G under the big oak tree in my backyard?
Hey when you looked into my eyes that night you saw sparks fly and realized we had so much more
That I was just the girl you were looking for, who'd've thought I'd be the girl you adore
Who'd've thought you could fall in love with the girl next door? I'm just the girl next door!