1. Green Light

From the recording Helium

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Green Light

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I wrote this song for two of my friends who were waiting for guys they liked to make a move. Hope you like it.


Verse 1:
I’m sick of wasting time
Waiting for the right moment to arrive
Just wanna close my eyes and dive in
I need someone spontaneous
And maybe just a little bit dangerous
Now staring back at you I think I mighta found him
So don’t be shy
Come on and take me by surprise
Just give that green light with the look in your eyes
And tell me that you’ll take me downtown
Take my hand show me how to dance
Keep on spinning me round and round
Cause it’ll only get better the faster we go
Don’t you know, just give me the green light go
Verse 2:
I mean what am I supposed to do?
Is it true that guys always make the first move?
Cause I see a clear path to the door
I would try if I knew you felt the same
The suspense is driving me insane
Oh what are you waiting for?
Put the pedal to the metal
Kick it in full gear
Take my hand and let’s get out of here
I’m throwing you the keys
I’m gonna let you steer
Cause the only way to fall in love is without fear